Welcome to the TURNERment!

Compete against your fellow employees in the iconic fighting game Street Fighter V for bragging rights and awesome prizes! With three separate opportunities to qualify at Techwood and CNN Center, and a Top 8 Playoffs livestreamed from the ELEAGUE Arena, what are you waiting for?! Register Now for your chance to enter the ring! Don’t forget to start training, future-champion.

For more information, email info@eleague.com

July 10th

Techwood #1
11:45am - 2pm
Atlanta Room, Hub

July 12th

CNN Center
11:45am - 2pm
2nd Floor Concourse

July 13th

Techwood #2
11:45am - 2pm
Atlanta Room, Hub


1st Place

Competition-grade gaming
computer setup


65" 4K Ultra HDTV
Soundbar and Chromecast

2nd Place

ELEAGUE Gaming Chair

1ST - 8th Place

TURNERment swag