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A versatile pro across multiple characters, NycFab comes into TEKKEN Team Takedown with a hunger to win.  After closing out 2017 with a championship win at NorthEast Championships 18, NycFab looks to start off 2018 in the same fashion by leading his team to victory.

  • Bob Bob
  • Miguel Caballero Rojo Miguel Caballero Rojo
  • Steve Fox Steve Fox

Once a fighter who had won the hearts of fans with his excellent sensibility and handsome good looks, he decided to transform himself completely by gaining weight to eliminate the perceived disadvantage he had in a fight due to his body type. His fans were disappointed, as on the outside it looked like he'd merely put on a few too many pounds, but Bob was definitely pleased with himself.

After losing his sister in an airstrike ordered by the Mishima Zaibatsu under the direction of Jin Kazama, Miguel Caballero Rojo devoted his life to seeking revenge. However, when Jin suddenly vanishes without a trace, Miguel's life purpose disappears along with him.

From that point forward, Miguel began to wander like a specter from battle-torn town to battle-torn town. One day, as he ambled through rows of dilapidated buildings, he stumbled across a strangely familiar hooded man. There in front of him was none other than his sworn enemy, Jin.

Consumed by both euphoria and rage, Miguel becomes frenzied and goes in for the kill.

Steve Fox has had plenty of run-ins with the Mishima Zaibatsu, but he never gave up his search for information about his past. Though his mother's identity remained a mystery, one name in particular began to crop up time and again: Nina Williams.

Believing she knew something, Steve began investigating her whereabouts until he came up with a promising lead. The information led him to an imposing cathedral. As he considered how best to proceed, a figure appeared from inside, dressed in a tattered wedding gown.

It was Nina, who seemed to be running away from something. Steve told her to stop, but she ignored him and fled. Determined not to let this opportunity escape him, he blocked her path.