AGE 18
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Eliminated 0-1
Did not qualify
About Mena RD

MenaRD put respect on the Dominican Republic’s name with his 2017 Capcom Cup victory. As the reigning champion, he’s put his winnings to good use by investing in his local fighting game community, having created his own team, opened a gaming center, and run major events in his home country, as well as offering lessons to those looking to improve.

  • Birdie Birdie

Birdie's character is very fitting of the "dim-witted brute" archetype. He is violent, short-tempered and generally unkind to others around him, and has an unsettling habit of licking his chain attached to his wrist before and/or after combat. However, he is shown more positively in the expanded media of Street Fighter; for example, in the Alpha manga, he is shown to be friends with Ryu, and allies himself with Chun-Li.