AGE 31
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Eliminated 0-2
Did not qualify
About Luffy

Olivier Hay, also known as Luffy, is a French born Teochew professional fighting games player who specializes in Street Fighter and King of Fighters. He is famous for being the first SFIV player to bring Rose to competitive levels, and also the first European player to win EVO in 2014. Hay became so dominant in the European Street Fighter scene that he had a tournament dedicated to him called The Luffy Beat Down Special. Hay is currently sponsored by RedBull.

  • R. Mika R. Mika
  • Cammy Cammy

Mika is a sprightly, beautiful girl who prides herself on going all out and wowing the crowds with her wrestling moves. Her performances can be a little rough around the edges, but she definitely has the potential to enter the pro circuit. She idolizes Zangief and considers his way of fighting as the ideal route for herself. The mask she wears around her eyes can sometimes make it difficult to tell what Mika is thinking or feeling, but she is very open about her emotions and speaks in a distinctive manner.

Cammy is a strong, forceful, determined, and pertinacious young woman with a firm sense of justice, who is extremely polite, friendly, respectful, and enthusiastic towards those whom she knows and cares about including Delta Red, Chun-Li or Guile, but can be very brutal and sometimes condescending to those whom she dislikes such as M. Bison or Vega. She refuses to go down without a fight, using her extensive training from both Delta Red and Shadaloo to her advantage in defeating her enemies.