AGE 26
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Eliminated 3-3
Did not qualify
About Xian

Previously a "low tier hero," sticking with FANG for the entire first season of SFV, Xian recently reiterated his SFV dominance by taking the first Premier of 2017 Final Round. Using Ibuki and capitalizing on his opponents mistakes, Xian continues to show why he is considered one of the worlds best "technical" fighting game players.

  • Ibuki Ibuki
  • F.A.N.G. F.A.N.G.

Even though Ibuki is a well-trained ninja, she is still a normal teenage girl, and states on several occasions that she finds her ninja garments ugly and her daily training strange. She also has a typical interest in boys; in several of her win quotes in Super Street Fighter IV, she evaluates her opponents based on their looks, behavior, and clothing, as well as their fighting performance. She regards Guy in particular as quite a hunk, though she also complains about his non-traditional ninja garb. Ibuki is also very conscious about her weight, as mentioned in her Street Fighter X Tekken winquote against Bob and her Arcade mode ending in Street Fighter V.

F.A.N.G is incredibly eccentric and flamboyant, his frequent mannerisms usually consisting of odd movements and poses, much to the bemusement of others. Regardless, he is also a cold elitist and acts very condescending towards others, an example being his interactions with his own fellow assassins, Vega and Balrog, both of whom he considers incompetent and foolish.