AGE 25
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Bottom Seed Playoffs 2-1
Eliminated 0-1
About Wolfkrone

Entering the scene during the SF4 era, Joshua "WolfKrone" Philpot showed the potential of the "New Generation" of fighting game players, using consistent high level play with a high-execution character. Now that he is using Laura in SFV, Krone has achieved a #1 rank Online and continues to be a threat on the tournament circuit

  • Laura Laura

Described as "bohemian", Laura has a free spirited and energetic personality and enjoys thrills. Similar to Makoto, she has a desire to promote her family's fighting style. Laura also likes to give advice to others and her character-specific versus quotes imply that she is "very" easy to befriend too. Laura is very protective of her brother Sean and also can be quick to jump to conclusions, as seen when she mistook Ken for an enemy wanting to hurt Sean before the latter informed her about the misunderstanding.