AGE 38
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Eliminated 0-2
Did not qualify
About Ryan Hart

Ryan is a fighting games virtuoso, playing a range of diverse titles competitively. But as a Street Fighter player, he has held 3 Guiness World Records for most tournament wins, longest win streak and most international competitive wins.

  • Ken Ken
  • Vega Vega
  • F.A.N.G. F.A.N.G.

While Ryu is the more serious and stoic of the two, Ken is the complete opposite - flamboyant, unorthodox and unpredictable. He is an alpha male with a giant ego and constantly reminds his opponents about his greatness. While he can be brash, egotistical, and arrogant at times, his heart is pure. He is generally kind, friendly, a good person, and very easygoing which led him into starting a family of his own. He never backs down from a fight no matter how difficult it looks.

Vega is vain, cocksure, and overconfident, so he convinced of his own abilities, almost to the point of megalomania, though this is perhaps justified, as he is shown to be a highly skilled fighter. He can be incredibly sadistic- often to the point of being a dangerous and bloodthirsty monster - and takes great pleasure in seeing the ugly murdered, and preferably mutilated. He often has a stone-cold demeanor, and appears to be mysterious with his emotions. His narcissism and disdain for anything lacking elegance causes him to clash with fellow Shadaloo member Balrog due to the latter's boorish nature.

F.A.N.G is incredibly eccentric and flamboyant, his frequent mannerisms usually consisting of odd movements and poses, much to the bemusement of others. Regardless, he is also a cold elitist and acts very condescending towards others, an example being his interactions with his own fellow assassins, Vega and Balrog, both of whom he considers incompetent and foolish.