AGE 20
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Top Seed Playoffs 2-0
Eliminated 2-1
About Phenom

Arman is one of the youngest players in high-level SFV competitive play, with repeated dominating performances over notable veteran players like Daigo Umehara. He is one of the strongest Necalli players in the entire world.

  • Necalli Necalli
  • M. Bison M. Bison

Necalli is a misanthrope i.e. dislikes humans in general. He has a wild personality, somewhat similar to Blanka(when angered), but is much more malicious and unstable. He possesses however a hidden genius.  Necalli seems to be attracted to powerful fighters and wishes to devour their souls either for sustenance or to appease his gods due to being their "Emissary". Necalli has a visible stutter when speaking, possibly due to the souls he has devoured.

M. Bison is an archetypal villain motivated by his own self-seeking interests and lust for absolute power through world domination. He is a diabolical, ruthless, contentious, argumentative, foul-tempered, egocentric, arrogant, traitorous, manipulative, and unforgiving dictator who seeks to rule the world with an iron fist whilst also being universally regarded as the greatest and most powerful martial artist of all time and will readily destroy anything or anyone who dares to stand between him and his shady goals.