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About Li Joe

By being the only American in top 8 of Street Fighter V at Evolution 2016, Joe solidified himself as a global fighting game Icon. Featuing a strong Urien and a background going back to competing in Japan at the famous Super Battle Opera tournament, Joe has become one of the figureheads of the domestic SFV scene.

  • Nash Nash
  • Urien Urien

Charlie is a calm and confident fighter - sometimes to a fault - with a strong sense of justice. Charlie has a crime-fighting attitude akin to his friend Guile, though more out of righteousness rather than revenge; even so, he sometimes acts reckless. While normally he acts in a professional manner, he lets his emotions get the better of him at times. In his Alpha artwork Charlie is shown relaxing while drinking scotch and reading a book which is very different from Guile’s behavior.

Urien's personality can be best described as tyrannical and authoritative, much in contrast with the benevolent and compassionate nature of his brother Gill (though in reality Gill's far from a good person and is quite fanatical). Urien's nickname in the Street Fighter III series is even "The Treacherous Disciple", alluding to his status as the Judas to Gill's Jesus. Urien frequently displays sadistic tendencies, and takes a lot of pride in becoming the "True Emperor". Urien also dismisses the cryogenically preserved brains of his predecessors as "ugly and stupid" and "a mass of junk with no ability to take positive action".