AGE 31
Tournament stats
Group Stage
Top Seed Playoffs 2-0
Eliminated 2-2
About Fuudo

Fuudo, is a Japanese esports player specializing in the Street Fighter series. Fuudo entered the fighting game scene in 2005 playing Virtua Fighter 4. He has won various fighting game tournaments, including the World Cyber Games and Evolution Championship Series. In his career, Fuudo has claimed three major titles in three different games, while supporting many up-and-coming communities and events. Fuudo has been described by multiple journalists as the world's best R. Mika player.

  • R. Mika R. Mika

Mika is a sprightly, beautiful girl who prides herself on going all out and wowing the crowds with her wrestling moves. Her performances can be a little rough around the edges, but she definitely has the potential to enter the pro circuit. She idolizes Zangief and considers his way of fighting as the ideal route for herself. The mask she wears around her eyes can sometimes make it difficult to tell what Mika is thinking or feeling, but she is very open about her emotions and speaks in a distinctive manner.