Season Two CS:GO

Oct 21 - Dec 3, 2016
Season Two Tournament Leader
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Maps 4
K-D Diff +30
K/D 1.42
Rating 1.34

ChrisJ spent years battling a reputation for strong play online, but less-spectacular form offline. 2015 saw the Dutchman become an erratic but impactful talent, giving mouz some of the fire-power that helped them to some top finishes. In 2016, mouz's AWPer has been the second star along with the mighty NiKo, ensuring the team has been capable of numerous upsets and even some deep runs in big tournaments. Famed for his fast and flick-heavy style of sniping, chrisJ may not hit as much as the more stable AWPers, but when he does, it is almost certain to yield superlative results.

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Thorin Shields

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