Written by: Team ELEAGUE
Twitter: @ELEAGUETV 


Over the past few weeks, the ELEAGUE Major: Boston has been host to some of the world’s best Counter Strike action of 2018.  As we move to the New Champions stage, we look to find which of the 8 remaining teams has what it takes to claim the title of Major Champion.  The road has been tough; some of history’s greatest CS:GO legends fell at the hands of rising stars and legacies shattered at the hands of the new legends.  Now, we take a look at our final 8 teams to see what the path ahead has in store for them.


Looking at the final stage bracket, there could be some incredible matchups.  On one side, the international super-team: FaZe, seeking redemption from their shortcomings at the previous Major.  After a disappointing 0-3 exit in Krakow in 2017, FaZe’s roster changes landed Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer and Ladislov “Guardian” Kovács, and the new lineup padded their trophy case with several victories.  Now, they look to add Major champions to that list, but steep competition awaits.  FaZe’s opening match is against Mousesports, who has put up some tournament-leading performances under the leadership of Chris “chrisJ” de Jong.  With a wealth of firepower in Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný and rising talent “Robin “ropz” Kool, Mousesports has become a force to be reckoned with throughout this Major.



In the second matchup, Natus Vincere will be facing off against Quantum Bellator Fire in a CIS showdown.  While virtually untested in international play, QB Fire has proven themselves to be a rising talent in the CIS region, stunning the world with their level of play.  As defending Major champion Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko looks to repeat his Krakow victory here in Boston, he would do well not to underestimate this opponent.  While Natus Vincere has been revitalized somewhat since Zeus’ rejoining, as well as the addition of Denis “electronic” Sharipov, the team cannot sleep through their opening matchup.  QB Fire has earned their spot in Boston and won’t squander this opportunity.  While we are sure to see a brawl on the east side of the bracket, the west shows no signs of being any less brutal.


G2 Esports proudly sits atop the west side of the bracket, having not yet dropped a single map in the Major thus far.  With a perfect 6-0 record, the French super-team is finally showing signs of earning such a moniker.  The strong play of Richard “shox” Papillon and Nathan “NBK” Schmitt has put their team back on top of this competition.  Their opening match, however, will be no cake walk.  They face Cloud9, the last hope for North America in this Major.  After a roster change brought Tarik “tarik” Celik and Will “RUSH” Wierzba to the team, Cloud9 has looked revitalized.  This All-American lineup has proven themselves Major-ready, going 3-0 in the New Challengers stage and pulling off a reverse sweep in the New Legends stage. Neither of these teams can afford to let off the gas if they want to raise the trophy in Boston.




At the same end of the bracket sits another heavy favorite; Brazilian powerhouse, SK Gaming.  Despite using a stand-in, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s men have shown why they are currently CS:GO’s number one team.  They’ve shown consistent skill, taking down current Major champions Gambit and dropping only a single map in the New Legends stage, versus FaZe.  SK Gaming looks strong, and needs to continue to if they hope to achieve total victory in Boston.  Their first match will be against Fnatic, part of the old CS:GO guard that boasts 2 of the 3 players to ever win 3 Major championships.  Their decorated lineup aims to prove they still deserve a spot among the best in the world.  Under the leadership of their new in-game leader, Maikil “Golden” Selim, Fnatic has slowly returned to elite level form.  While they didn’t necessarily display stellar play in the New Legends stage, you can be sure these grizzled veterans have a trick or two up their sleeve that they hope will give them an edge in Boston.


Now, the stage is set.  8 teams, tried and tested through weeks of play, now have one last shot to raise the trophy.  Will a decorated veteran of the Majors add to their trophy case?  Or will a new legacy be etched into CS:GO history?  It is all on the line this weekend at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. Tune in to find out who becomes the new Champion.