The semifinals were played out today, with G2 eSports vs Dignitas being the first match on deck. The team from across continental Europe looked shaky against the unknown Arcade.eSports but still managed to secure their spot in a full 3 map series. Meanwhile Dignitas had extremely close games against their fellow countrymen SK Gaming, with a map going into double overtime and the second map going the full 30 rounds. The first map for this series was Overpass and Dignitas came out swinging with some aggressive plays on the Terrorist side. Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen and his squad managed a solid 10-5 half, a great scoreline for the attacking faction. On the backfoot, G2 were destabilized and couldn’t get any momentum on their own Terrorist side, failing to grab more than 4 rounds. Dignitas finished the map 16-9 and take a step closer to the finals and Las Vegas.

Cache was G2’s pick and is one of their best maps, allowing their players to utilize their skill as you duel the other team frequently throughout the map. However, Dignitas kicked the map off by taking the opening pistol round, continually winning round after round, putting G2 at a 0-5 deficit from the get go. G2 rallied back however and won 5 rounds of their own and the teams continued to battle back and forth with good performances from Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke and Ricardo “fox” Pachecho, finishing the half at an even 7-8. Dignitas were determined to end it on Cache, however, as they began their CT side with a bang, grabbing the pistol round once again and not allowing G2 back into the game as they surged forward with an 8 round win streak to close out the map 16-7. Dignitas move on to the finals where they are one map away from being the European representative to be sent to CES in Las Vegas.

The second match of the day was a duel against countrymen as two Polish teams faced off to see who can claim the title of the best in Poland. Both teams performed well against their quarter final opponents, most notably Lounge Gaming stomping mousesports 16-1 on Mirage, but will they bring the same form today? As it turns out the answer is yes, with Vexed barely putting up a fight, Lounge took both maps convincingly, finishing Cobblestone 16-3 and Mirage 16-6. Excellent performances by Michał “MICHU” Müller and Grzegorz “SZPERO” Dziamałek who had outstanding games and carried their team to victory with great opening kills and clutch rounds. Lounge Gaming move on to the finals where they will take on Dignitas to see who gets their ticket to Las Vegas.

It was North America’s turn for the semifinals, and with most of the heavy hitters out of the running, this paved the way for up and coming teams to showcase their skill and see if they have what it takes to make it to Las Vegas. The first series was Splyce against Enemy, unfortunately for Splyce they lost Adam “aKis” Kisseberth due to internet issues and as a result had to play with their coach Robin “ScrunK” Röpke all the way from Germany. Nevertheless they started off well on Inferno, winning the pistol and even resetting Enemy after they won the first gun round putting them at a 6-1 scoreline. However Kenneth “koosta” Suen stabilized his economy and picked up the AWP sniper rifle and from that point forward Enemy began to dominate Splyce, racking up round after round, finishing the half at 6-9 and continuing on to win the first 5 rounds on their Terrorist side. Splyce had too much ground to cover and couldn’t make the comeback, allowing Enemy to win the first map 16-10.

The second map showcased Splyce’s strong defense on Mirage, holding down sites and winning the half 11-4. It seemed like it was heading to the third and final map after Splyce won the pistol, but Enemy battled back bringing it all the way to 15-15 and going to overtime. With the momentum heavily in their favour, and Splyce’s morale crushed, Enemy clinched the second map 21-18 in an insane comeback, advancing to the finals.

The final match of the round of 4 was between Conquest and Dogmen. Cache was up first as Conquest pick up the pistol round on CT side and get the ball rolling. Dogmen had huge success with their aggressive tactics however as they grabbed an absurd number of gun rounds on the Terrorist side, finishing the half at 9-6 in their favour. Unfortunately, winning both pistols on a single map can usually be enough to spell doom and this was the exact case for Dogmen as Conquest picked up the opening round on their Terrorist side, giving them enough momentum to swing the round difference in their favour and close out the first map 16-13.

Inferno was the second map in this series and Conquest once again took the pistol, this time on their attacking side. The subsequent rounds went poorly for Dogmen as Conquest managed to get an incredibly stable economy due to numerous SMG kills, giving them a huge money bonus for each frag. On the CT side, Conquest continued their pistol round dominance by winning the fourth pistol round in a row, and with the economy and momentum in their favour, Conquest had the opportunity to play their game and take the series 2-0, finishing Inferno at 16-7.