The World’s best CS: GO Teams are coming to Atlanta. 8 Legends and 8 Challengers

One of the most consistent teams in the world, the Danish squad always performs well, but seems to falter often at the final hurdle. Taking matters into their own hands by founding one of the few player-run organizations in Counter-Strike, they… more


This French team pioneered a hyper-aggressive style of play that made them not only one of the most-feared teams in the world, but also one of the most entertaining. After internal differences, the team made roster changes, with the ELEAGUE Major… more


Originally assembled as a group of fan favorites, FaZe has evolved, looking to reward their loyal fan base with trophies in the cabinet. The team has always maintained a blend of players from all over Europe. but have recently added the veteran… more


The Ukrainian team have always been a consistent presence at big tournaments around the globe, although they have yet to secure a title. A team that breaks down their opponents tactically, they keep every game close and competitive, grinding out… more


The kings of Counter-Strike, the Fnatic name is synonymous with achievement. After lower than expected performances recently, along with recent roster changes that shook the community, Fnatic looks to regain their place as the best team in the… more

G2 Esports

Made up of French veterans, G2 Esports features some of the most successful, seasoned players in Counter-Strike. Returning with the same roster as Season 02, they arrive at the ELEAGUE Major looking to improve on recent losses and establish their… more

Gambit Gaming

A squad assembled from Russia and Kazakhstan sees a return for some of the game's oldest veterans. A pundit’s nightmare, the team's recent pick-up of ex-Na'Vi fame Zeus has revitalized their will to win. After two recent first-place finished at… more


Put together by one of the brightest Swedish minds in Counter-Strike, this 'start-up' of a team has some legendary fire-power powering its success. Pillaging the Fnatic line-up of 2 key players, GODSENT assembled a group with all the ingredients… more


This CIS-region team are no strangers to top competition, albeit missing top placements. With a refreshed roster in the mix of Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary, HellRaisers are set on making their mark in their first ever ELEAGUE event, the ELEAGUE… more


Powered by a rejuvenated international lineup of players from Germany, the Netherlands, Bosnia, and Spain, this iconic European unit wants to make its mark at the ELEAGUE Major. The team includes NiKo, one of the best players in the world and a… more

Natus Vincere

Built on the foundations of one of the most successful Counter-Strike lineups of all time, Natus Vincere lives up to the meaning of their name – “born to win.” Masters of the methodical approach, their star-filled roster can carry games single-… more


The Danish team emerged from a period of turmoil to start climbing the ladder with results that made the Counter-Strike world pay close attention. Spearheaded by two break-out star players, the product of investing in developing the talent, Team… more


With a passionate fan base known as “the green wall,” Team OpTic know they have a lot to live up to. After a stunning first-place finish in ELEAGUE Season 02, OpTic proved they are made for top-tier competition. Their roster of up-and-coming… more

SK Gaming

Flying the flag for Brazilian Counter-Strike, SK Gaming has risen from obscurity to become one of the best teams in the world. These back-to-back major holders blend a tactical approach with explosive aim, and have grown to become one of the most… more

Team Liquid

The heir apparent to North American Counter-Strike, Team Liquid has assembled a squad featuring some of the best players in their roles and invested in young talent that is now starting to blossom. As a runner-up at the previous Major, this team… more


The Polish powerhouse includes some of the most storied players in Counter-Strike’s rich history. A momentum-based team that has the potential to roll over anyone in their way has earned the fan-driven nickname “Virtus Plow.” Capable of beating… more