Tasty Steve's Tasty 10

By: Steve Scott

Date: Nov 15, 2017

The Injustice Pro series comes to a close after a season’s worth of events. From events like Evolution 2017 in Las Vegas or Viennalitv, held in Austria, the ELEAGUE Last Chance Qualifier was the proverbial “hail mary” for one final shot at the championship title. With $250K on the line, and after grueling group play that saw the elimination of players like SonicFox & Semiij.   After an unbelievably exciting Fighter pack 3 announcement, the top four emerged hungry and ready, so let’s eat! Here’s the Tasty Top 10!



Last Week #2

Name: Ryan Walker

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Black Adam, Aquaman, Wonderwoman


The young Dragon came in as the Evolution 2017 champion, with the hope of adding another notch to his belt.  Dragon’s Black Adam took him the distance at ELEAGUE, with at least a two-game gap in all group play matches.  The champ came to play and after a 3-1 victory over Tekken Master, there’s no question he is the undisputed Injustice 2 champion.  Not many could challenge the run, as he’s worked hard at truly understanding the game’s system, its characters and matchups. This was on display in multiple matchups, and at this point, it is impossible to argue.  With an Injustice 2 update on the horizon and a target on his back, I’m sure it’s back to the lab for Team Allegiance’s rising champion of Injustice 2.



last week #3

Name: Denom Jones

Country: United Kingdom

Favorite Character(s): Deadshot


With a run that made even ELEAGUE’s Richard Lewis proud, FoxxyGrampa is the true meaning of “going the distance”.  After not making the World Championship by qualifying earlier in the season, he did brilliant work as one of the two players to make it out of a stacked Last Chance Qualifier bracket filled with killers. After fighting his way out of the losers’ side of group B play, he still played a close set with Dragon to secure a 2nd place finish.  Humbled, he saw his shortcomings and made some of best adjustments I’ve seen in high-level Injustice 2 play, especially with that crispy surprise Batman play.  He played an amazingly hard-fought set of games, and certain made himself and the UK proud.

tekken master


last week #1

Name: Sayed Hashem Ahmed

Country: Bahrain

Favorite Character(s): Atrocitus, Brainiac, Batman


The “Beast of Bahrain” Tekken Master set the tone for his play during The group stages.  He made use of a few new characters from his already scary stable to choose from. Dr.Fate and Green Arrow made for some exciting plays throughout. He’s been vocal about ELEAGUE being his last opportunity, and fought hard to not waste it. This was easily visible in his game play, as he made it out of group B play in the winners’ side and rose to third place before meeting FoxyGrampa in the losers’ final.  As a competitor, he humbly contributed his success to training partners and thanked the fans for support. The next season is closer than we think, and if you're a fan of great Injustice play, Tekken Master’s Injustice Series Run is going to be a pleasure to watch. 



Name: Christian Quiles

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Batman, Deadshot, Flash


After an amazing Last Chance Qualifier performance, he followed up with outstanding Group A play, even double-eliminating Sonic Fox. I’m sure that momentum will have him at 100% going into finals, but TEKKENmaster is the next chapter in the “Forever the King” saga for true Injustice 2 Championship glory!



last week #7

Name: Alexandre Dubé-Bilodeau

Country: Canada

Favorite Character(s): Robin


In what could be considered an upset, Hayatei beat Theo and made it to the winners’ bracket finals, before meeting TEKKEN master and Atrocitus, eventually eliminated by FoxyGrandpa. Hayatei and Robin definitely were the main factor shaping the layout of Group B brackets. He’s for sure a Tasty Steve’s Top 10 MVP, and not simply because I’m a Robin fan.



last week #2

Name: Andrew Fontanez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Catwoman, Starfire


The best Catwoman player in the world’s nine lives came up short in the winners’ semifinal match versus TEKKENmaster and his Green Arrow. After a tough set with Foxygrandpa, the young Catwoman contender goes down. There’s no way we won’t see more of Semiij. At this point, he’s not merely one of the best Catwoman players, but one of the best Injustice 2 players in the world, period.



last week #4

Name: Jivan Karapetian

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman


Superman and Theo seemed to be the pair to beat, making major waves in Group Play along the way. Yet after an intense set of matches with Hayatei, the champion reluctantly ends his heroic return run. Theo snagged a cool selfie with an Aquaman cosplayer in the front row of the ELEAGUE crowd between matches. Then, he allowed FoxyGrandpa to move into the losers’ finals vs Hayatei, eliminating himself in the process. This is certainly not the last you’ve seen of this Superman.



Name: Dominique McLean

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Red Hood, Captain Cold, Black Canary


Take it from me, he’s still the best Injustice 2 player in the world. Before writing this about him, he posted vids of new setups with new Injustice 2 characters. Despite the loss, he played three ridiculous sets back to back, finally going down to Forever King in Group A play. I don’t think you’ll find someone willing to bet against the calculating Sonic fox, and it’s for good reason. He’ll be back in the same spot next year.



Name: George Joseph Silva

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Batman


Nubcakes and his Batman have come a long way. He made an amazing debut at ELEAGUE, standing up to the likes of players like Sonic Fox, even beating HoneyBee along the way. He’s not only one of my west coast intro tutors to the world of Injustice 2, next year I want to see more of this guy on the big stage.



Name: Tim Commandeur

Country: Canada

Favorite Character(s): Flash


The timeline is safe knowing he’s one of the three Flash players to reside over the speed force. That was nerdy, but I respect each one of them. Honeybee, killerXinok, and happyPow all made amazing plays here in the world championship, with exciting sets and crazy plays throughout. 

Others receiving votes: Killer Xinok, happypow