Alternate Attax

This German squad is ready to make their mark on ELEAGUE as they prepare to battle high-caliber opposition. After being acquired by Alternative Attax at the beginning of 2016, the team aims to move beyond online and local tournaments, proving they have what it takes to match up with the best.


One of the most consistent teams in the world, the Danish squad always performs well, but seems to falter often at the final hurdle. Taking matters into their own hands by founding one of the few player-run organizations in Counter-Strike, they return to ELEAGUE looking to silence their critics and show they have the caliber to be champions.

Cloud 9

A staple in North American esports, Cloud9 was one of the first teams from the U.S. to compete at a very high level against European teams. With their achievements in international competition on the rise, the team has refreshed its roster with a young, talented team eager to prove they are among the world’s elite.


The Danish team emerged from a period of turmoil to start climbing the ladder with results that made the Counter-Strike world pay close attention. Spearheaded by two break-out star players, the product of investing in developing the talent, Team Dignitas handed out humiliating defeats to more experienced teams this year. On the heels of breakout tournament wins over the best teams in the world, the danes aim to keep the momentum going to ELEAGUE Season 02.

Echo Fox