Power Rankings


Power Rankings

By: Steve Scott

Date: May 15, 2017

After the amazing, unpredictable twists and turns of Group D, the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational finals are set with its 8 remaining players, ready to compete on May 26th. Before we take you to the final battle, let’s get to know our remaining contenders, and while we're at it, we'll take a look at their next opponent. This week, the Tasty 10 is an eight course meal, but still has the same great flavor!

Biggest Movers




Xiao Hai



Last Week #1

Name: Victor Woodley

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Karin

Panda Global’s Punk had some nerves against him coming into ELEAGUE after a sweet victory, then a sour defeat in his showing at SXSW. However, after a dominant performance in group play, he’s the man to beat in the winners’ bracket. Punk might be taking a jab at the wrong guy as PR Balrog awaits to stop him in his tracks, but, as one of Punk’s main training partners, Smug doesn't seem worried. That battle will be one for the ages and you don't want to miss it.



last week #2

Name: Ai Keita

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): R. Mika

Armed with his R.Mika play, the resourceful Fuudo hasn't had many obstacles. The only one was Xian, and after succeeding in classic fashion, Fuudo has his sights set on Punk, even mentioning him by name. While being one of the more active players who remain in ELEAGUE, you can't miss some of his tournament escapades and victories, and he's going to need to beat Phenom if he wants a shot. I have a feeling he's got the tools to handle himself, but it won't be easy, even for a player of his caliber.



last week #3

Name: Joshua Philpot

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Laura

Coming into ELEAGUE, Wolfkrone had so much to gain and nothing to lose. He came in with a roar, not just showing up, but showing out, avenging his loss to KBrad and making believers of the FGC as well as the home audience. With unquestionably superior Laura play, he emerges from “the death pool,” alongside none other than Fuudo, and Xiao Hai awaits as his next potential naysayer. Regardless who says what, it's safe to say he's more than proven his point as moves on to the finals.



last week #6

Name: Yusuke Momochi

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Ken, Karin

Being a Ken innovator and educator, it's no mystery Momochi is a threat, no matter what. He’s still making the rounds on the tourney circuit and claiming victories. There's no denying the masterful and understanding of this new Street Fighter V version of Ken. With some of the sharpest play throughout ELEAGUE, he has still run into a few hiccups along the way. However, it didn't stop him from claiming a finals spot against Daigo.

PR Balrog


last week #5

Name: Eduardo Perez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Balrog, Necalli

He came out swinging with some of the most explosive play we've seen from him. You can't help but notice the pride Eduardo shows in his Balrog play, as he continues to move his way through his opponents towards the finals. The first meeting between him and Punk is sure to impact the final pieces of the ELEAGUE SFV Invitational. This is definitely a match that will decide the momentum of finals, and I'm sure his sights are set on victory.



last week #7

Name: Arman Hanjani

Country: Norway

Favorite Character(s): Necalli, M. Bison

One of the new kids on the Street Fighter V block. The young Norwegian is making no friends on his way to the finals, and not even the crowd can shake his focus. After a dominant regular season showing, he's now in a position to advance further on the winners’ side against Fuudo. In an interview with Malik Forté, Phenom casually mentioned that he was going to "destroy" Fuudo. Judging by his last showing and attitude to back it, you'd be crazy to count him out now.

Xiao Hai


last week #9

Name: Zhoujun Zeng

Country: China

Favorite Character(s): Cammy

Xiao Hai has emerged as a new contender from the shadow of The Capcom Cup champion, NuckleDu. After overcoming demoralizing taunts, he defeated his personal demon. His work and dedication has definitely lifted him to new heights heading into finals. Let's see if that Cammy play can keep him riding high, as he attempts to move past another competitor with a chip on his shoulder, Wolfkrone. He seems a lot more focused on the world of Street Fighter V, and it shows.

Daigo Umehara



Name: Daigo Umehara

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Ryu

Although not faring too well after his amazing showing in semifinals of ELEAGUE, Daigo is still a major threat. Guile gives him a new level of control in the world of Street Fighter V. The game continues to evolve quickly, but if there's anybody you'd be a fool to count out, it’s the beast, Daigo Umehara. How he will fare down the stretch will depend on if he can break down the teachings of Momochi. The better question is: who doesn't want Daigo to win?