By: Steve Scott

Date: April 12, 2017

After some intense back and forth sets between some of the best players in the world, ELEAGUE Group A is complete, but let’s not forget: the action doesn't stop there. Along with self-training and casuals, tournaments large and small keep the world’s warriors sharp. As we move on to the second group of remaining players to determine who survives and advances to the next round, we’ve got some new movers and a few shakers. It’s time for this week’s hefty plate of “The Tasty 10.”

Biggest Movers







Previously Unranked

Name: Yusuke Momochi

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Ken, Karin

Although his third-place showing at SXSW was less than impressive, some thought we'd see new characters from the teacher in ELEAGUE. However, Momochi's focus, understanding and education on all things Ken has been evident in his gameplay. With unbelievable reactions and reflexes in group play, Momochi defeated Smug with a convincing 3-0 win, after losing the exact same matchup a few matches prior. He grabs a well-deserved place in the main bracket, and here he is at the top of the Tasty 10.



last week #3

Name: Victor Woodley

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Karin

Continuing the success following Group A qualification in ELEAGUE, Punk wins West Coast Warzone 6. That's after attempting to cook with the secondary character Nash, who many believe to be "dead," according to the Evolution 2016 champ, infiltration. Punk remains high in the Tasty 10 because of that performance and placing. 



Previously Unranked

Name: Ryan Ramirez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Dhalsim

Emerged from one of the toughest groups at ELEAGUE, especially with Dhalsim’s slow-paced style. FChamp’s superior defense gave him a well-deserved spot in regular season, and we can’t forget his awesome play at Ultimate fighting arena this past weekend, taking 3rd place behind Haitani.

Snake Eyez


last week #6

Name: Darryl Lewis

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Zangief

Snake Eyez continues to impress with great placing even after qualifying. Then, there's the 4th place finish at CPT event West Coast Warzone 6, beating Stupendous in the Zangief mirror!



Previously Unranked

Name: Hajime Taniguchi

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Akuma, Ryu

Considered one of the gods of fighting games, Tokido makes his debut in the Tasty 10, switching to Akuma in season 2, leaving Ryu behind. He’s a solid player, despite losing to Filipino Champ and finishing 4th in Paris at Ultimate Fighting Arena.



last week #2

Name: Ai Keita

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): R. Mika

He’s holding strong in the Tasty 10, down a few slots due to inactivity. This is another player who played so well in the Group Prelims, I can’t move him out of this week’s countdown. Fuudo is a player who finds great character matchup solutions, and being absent in tournament play this week isn't that big a deal. I hope the remaining players in his group are prepared to deal with the level of commitment to understand how to defeat different characters, with Fuudo's scary R.Mika. 



Previously Unranked

Name: Yu-Lin Hsiang

Country: Taiwan

Favorite Character(s): Necalli

Long from forgotten, Gamerbee is new to the Tasty 10 after an impressive 5th place showing at Ultimate Fighting Arena this past weekend with Nacalli. You can see why he's one of the best and I look forward to seeing how he adapts to the competition here at ELEAGUE. 

PR Balrog


last week #5

Name: Eduardo Perez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Balrog, Necalli

Let's hope that impressive showing in group play continues this week, especially after he's the last remaining Balrog player in ELEAGUE. I have faith in his ability to stay ahead of the competition, even in Group B, the vaunted “group of legends.” 



last week #1

Name: Joshua Philpot

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Laura

He isn't one the most active of players in offline tournaments, and considering his roots as an online player, it makes sense. Strangely enough, the inactivity never seems to dull his skills, and doesn't change how impressed I was with his play from the initial stage of group play. 

Daigo Umehara


Name: Daigo Umehara

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Guile

Look, I'm going to be honest: I'm with my co-commentator Zhi on this note. I can't - in good faith - count this guy out, until someone knocks him out of this tournament. He's simply too good to count out.

Others receiving votes: Phenom, Justin Wong.