By: Steve Scott

Date: April 17, 2017

Welcome back to the Tasty 10. As you know, we had an off week here at ELEAGUE last week. As you also know, the FGC grind does not stop. This past weekend, the Northern California regionals were held in Sacramento, and the competition was scary. You know what that means, right? The potential of a new number 1 atop the most delicious rankings in esports, the Tasty 10 Power Rankings.

Biggest Movers







Last Week #2

Name: Victor Woodley

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Karin

It's been a long time coming folks: Panda Global’s Punk is officially the tastiest of the 10. Not only does he take West Coast Warzone last week, but he wins 1st place over the Capcom Cup champ Liquid KnuckleDu in the process, turning the tide and crowing the champ with a few tea bags. Punk told me the reset was there for "dramatic effect", avenging his mentor Bonchan’s loss to Circa's LPN. Punk’s play with Karin is even being scouted by Fuudo as one of the best! Pretty flavorful.



Previously Unranked

Name: Du Dang

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Guile

Liquid KnuckleDu might not have won first place this weekend, but he managed an amazing display, nearly taking 1st place. However, there's good reason he's number 2 on the list, beating Panda Global Punk and Grapht Fuudo on the winners’ side, dropping off a few bags himself along the way. Plus, ELEAGUE group play is on the horizon. Stay tuned. 



Last Week #6

Name: Ai Keita

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): R. Mika

Some of the best highlights of this weekend came from Fuudo’s play. While he couldn't make it past the obstacle that is Punk, R.Mika took him to a third place finish at NCR this weekend. The ELEAGUE participant stays warm in the Tasty 10.



last week #7

Name: Yu-Lin Hsiang

Country: Taiwan

Favorite Character(s): Necalli

He hasn't changed his push to be a force to be reckoned with, eliminating both Echofox Tokido and CYG Snakeeyez along the way. I guarantee this isn't the last we've seen of the Nacalli enthusiast. He's still in ELEAGUE and there are still plenty stops left on the Capcom Pro Tour to get those points. Expect to see a lot more from this passionate player.



Last Week #1

Name: Yusuke Momochi

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Ken, Karin

After adopting Ibuki alongside his Ken, EchoFox Momochi didn't have the best time this weekend at NCR, not even cracking the top 8. After he was sent to the losers’ bracket by Punk early on, he suffered a loss to a seemingly-unstoppable Evil Genius NYChrisG. Despite the results, you still can't deny his skill.



last week #5

Name: Hajime Taniguchi

Country: Japan

Favorite Character(s): Akuma

Slays Haitani at NCR, but falls just shy of the top 8. It might not have been the best weekend, but a great set with KnuckleDu shows why he's still on the list. I promise you, he's back in the lab already.

PR Balrog


Last Week #8

Name: Eduardo Perez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Balrog, Necalli

He also didn't crack the Top 8 at NCR, but gains a spot or two from last week’s Tasty 10. PR Balrog has a significant victory under his belt by taking out Grapht Haitani, winner of Ultimate Fighting Arena. The Balrog player used to play Nacalli initially, and I still expect amazing things from him.

Snake Eyez


last week #4

Name: Darryl Lewis

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Zangief

Eventually eliminated by Zowie Gamerbee, Snakeeyez didn't see the desired results in a stacked NCR bracket. There are plenty of Capcom Pro Tour events to improve his Zangief and Akuma play. 

Justin Wong


Previously Unranked

Name: Justin Wong

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Karin

This CPT event season, Justin is struggling to get started. However, I'm noticing small adjustments in his game, and that's netting gradually higher- placed finishes at these events. Even after losing to Poongko's Kolin and ELEAGUE matches still on the horizon, I still see him finishing strong with plenty of chances left.



last week #3

Name: Ryan Ramirez

Country: United States

Favorite Character(s): Dhalsim

FChamp was knocked out of NCR tournament play pretty early, not even reaching the top 32 in this stacked regional event. After impressive Dhalsim performance last week in France, hopefully Dreamhack looks a little better for Fchamp.

Others receiving votes: Wolfkrone, Daigo Umehara.