Major: Boston Teams

The World’s best CS:GO teams are coming to Boston to compete for the title of Major Champion
Astralis (Legend)

One of the most consistent teams in the world, this Danish squad moved quickly with winning the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta and ELEAGUE Clash for Cash: The Rematch. Playing through less-than-optimal performances in past months, Astralis looks to once again reign supreme. > View Roster



A surprising squad of CIS talent, AVANGAR took first in the CIS Minor to secure themselves a spot in the major.  While they are a young team, they edged out several veteran major competitors in their minor.  Now, they seek to make their mark in the Major and put their names among the greats. > View Roster

BIG (Legend)

This German squad banded together to form their own organization and haven't looked back since. With an unprecendented deep run at the previous Major, these soldiers have the Championship title in their sights. Still underdogs in some eyes, don't blink when BIG takes the stage to prove it is where they belong. > View Roster


A staple in North American esports, Cloud9 was one of the first teams from the U.S. to compete at a very high level against European teams. They’ve gone through a roster change since the last major, but have had plenty of time to adjust.  With several top 4 finishes in recent competitive play, they come into the Major with a fire to win the first major championship for North America. > View Roster


This French team pioneered a hyper-aggressive style of play that made them not only one of the most-feared teams in the world, but also one of the most entertaining. While enduring a rough period, EnVyUs has survived to prove their worth once again. A team of champions in transition, these superstars know what it takes to be the best in the world, and how hard it can be to stay there. > View Roster


Originally assembled as a group of fan favorites, FaZe has evolved, looking to reward their loyal fan base with trophies in the cabinet. The team has always maintained a blend of players from all over Europe, but the recent additions of two of the world’s superstars in Olofmeister and NiKo has propelled FaZe to being one of the top teams in the world.  They look to redeem themselves from the last major and secure their first win in 2018. > View Roster

Flash Gaming

Flash Gaming comes into the Major as a heavy underdog, taking third place in the Asia Minor.  Tyloo, the first place finisher at the Asia Minor, had to drop out due to visa issues, so Flash Gaming was called up to take their place.  Second chances don’t come often, but this opportunity has breathed new life into Flash’s quest for the Boston major title. > View Roster

Flipsid3 Tactics

A veteran of major appearances, Flipsid3 Tactics has been a steady representative at the last 9 majors.  They are a group of seasoned competitors who know how to handle the pressures of the Major’s tense environment.  With a fresh face in Seized, and under the veteran command of B1ad3, Flipsid3 looks to implement their slow and tactical approach to outwit the competition. > View Roster

Fnatic (Legend)

The Fnatic name is synonymous with achievement. After lower than expected performances recently, Fnatic looks to regain their place as the best team in the world. With the ELEAGUE Major: Boston as their only focus, this team is destined to prove their worth. > View Roster


G2 Esports

Made up of French veterans, G2 Esports features some of the most successful, seasoned players in Counter-Strike.They started off hot in 2017, claiming several titles and gunning for the top spot in the world. Unfortunately, they cooled off for the second half of the year, and come into 2018 hoping to get back to the top by taking the title in Boston. > View Roster

Gambit (Legend)

Champions of the previous Major, Gambit returns to prove their dominance once again. Making it through multiple player swaps after the big win, they may look different, but are destined to show the caliber hasn't changed. Keep an eye trained on this squad as they leave it all on the stage during the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. > View Roster



A rising squad in North America, Misfits appears at their first major after taking second at the Americas Minor.  With a tactically-experienced in-game leader in Seang@res, Misfits’ combination of American and French talent has created a force to be reckoned with.  With minimal international LAN experience, they look to use the Major as a proving ground for what their roster can really do. > View Roster


Powered by an international lineup of players from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, and Slovakia, this iconic European unit wants to make its mark in Boston. The team has a wealth of firepower across the board, and with several players having skill with the AWP, Mousesports can shut teams out of maps entirely with their diverse strengths. > View Roster

Natus Vincere

Built on the foundations of one of the most successful Counter-Strike lineups of all time, Natus Vincere lives up to the meaning of their name – “born to win.” Masters of the methodical approach, their star-filled roster can carry games single-handedly, making them one of the most exciting teams to watch. With Zeus, a current Major champion, as their in-game-leader, this team is stronger than ever and ready to make their mark once again. > View Roster

North (Legend)

This Danish team emerged from a period of turmoil to start climbing the ladder with results that made the Counter-Strike world pay close attention. With one main player swap since the last Major, performances from this squad have continued to be uneasy. Revitalized and prepared to fight, North will stop at nothing to be able to lift the trophy at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. > View Roster


Quantum Bellator Fire

A new challenger to most, Quantum Bellator Fire looks to make a strong first impression after their second place finish in the CIS Minor.  With virtually no experience against international teams, the Boston major will be a great starting point for them to build their legacy from. > View Roster


This Australian-core team has seen their ups and downs, but they have consistently dominated the Asia Minors, earning repeat appearances at the Majors.  With the addition of NAF, the team has found a good synergy among their members.  With their Australian and North American mix, Renegades look to secure their spot as not just the Asia region’s best, but as the world’s best. > View Roster

SK Gaming (Legend)

Flying the flag for Brazilian Counter-Strike, SK Gaming has risen from obscurity to become one of the best teams in the world. These back-to-back major holders blend a tactical approach with explosive aim, and have grown to become one of the most complete competitors in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. > View Roster


Space Soldiers

A strong contender from Turkey, Space Soldiers took down several serious competitors to take first at the European Minor.  With a star player in XANTARES, and a good squad behind him, Space Soldiers looks to make a splash at their first major appearance.  With the firepower and talent to make a deep run, Space Soldiers is a strong candidate for a dark horse champion. > View Roster


A multinational group of major veterans, Sprout makes their Counter Strike debut at the ELEAGUE Major.  By taking the core of the ex-PENTA roster, Sprout secured a spot in the New Challengers stage with their new roster.  Sprout will have to depend on their individual players’ experience to carry them through to Boston. > View Roster

Team Liquid

The heir apparent to North American Counter-Strike, Team Liquid has assembled a squad featuring some of the best players in their roles and invested in young talent that is now starting to blossom. They have performed well online, but haven’t been able to match that performance on LAN.  While their coach, Zews, will have to stand-in, Liquid is still looking to use their home field advantage to make a deep run in Boston. > View Roster

Vega Squadron

Making their second major appearance, Vega Squadron hopes to continue their legacy of causing surprising upsets at the Major.  After the last Major, they stuck together and grew both as individuals and as a unit.  Now, Vega Squadron looks to return to the Major with their homegrown skills and go toe to toe with the world’s greatest teams. > View Roster

Virtus.Pro (Legend)

This Polish powerhouse includes some of the most storied players in Counter-Strike’s rich history. A momentum-based team that has the potential to roll over anyone in their way has earned the fan-driven nickname “Virtus Plow.” Capable of beating anyone and vowing to stick together, this team is hungry to dominate the competition. > View Roster