ELEAGUE Boston Major

January 26 - 28, 2018
Agganis Arena, Boston, Massachusetts
Major Boston
Day 10 - BO3 Sat, January 27
Match 1 of 3
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Major: Boston Leader
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Natus Vincere
Maps 8
K-D Diff +48
K/D 1.41
Rating 1.0 1.34

Due to a somewhat rocky start to their Major journey, many questioned if Natus Vincere would have the strength and will to make a deep run in this tournament. In their quarterfinal matchup, however, Egor “flamie” Vasilyev made an explosive impact, and demonstrated why Na’Vi deserves their legend spot. Across the two maps against Quantum Bellator Fire, Flamie boasted an average damage per round of 133.1 and dominated the scoreboard with almost 60 kills across the two maps. A dominant opening on Mirage saw Flamie notch an impressive 39 kills with only 8 deaths. He came up clutch in several rounds for Na’Vi, helping them to achieve a final map score of 16-4. Upon entering the second map, Inferno, Flamie showed no signs of backing down, adding another 20 kills to his tally. This was pivotal in helping his team to close out Inferno 16-7 and secured Na’Vi’s spot in the semifinals.

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